Prayers to Improve Relationships

Helping a Complicated Relationship

Father God,

I thank you for heading my prayer to help me with my current relationship situation. Father, I am now proclaiming a release from all the pain and hurt in my heart and in the heart of [name loved one] that may have caused us to have any problems in our relationship. I now send all the hurt, fear and pain into your compassionate care – to wipe away clean. Bless [name loved one] and myself so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way. Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may you make each one of us realize each other’s worth. Please touch the heart of [name loved one] Father and fill it with much love and healing. Help him/her to feel the sincere love that I have for him/her as well. Father, thank you for your part in making our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I praise you for your mercy and this blessing that you are bestowing upon us. Thank you for filling gladness in our hearts and for giving us all that we need to spend the rest of our lives with each other happily and joyfully. See to it Father that we are both mutually benefited in this relationship in anyway it might evolve. Thank you for removing us from temptations that might harm our relationship and continuing to guide us on the right path to happiness. Let us always keep the other in each other’s heart and mind. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer. Amen

Reconciliation with a Loved One

Father God

I thank you for your presence in my life and for always providing all my earthy needs so wonderfully, effortlessly, and joyfully. Right now, I come to you and open my spirit to receive your comfort and grace. I release any and all pain regarding the loss of how my relationship was with (name) into your loving grace.
Right now I thank you for forgiving me for any part I had in my relationship negatively changing. I also forgive (name) and anybody else that might have interfered with our relationship.
Lord, I now require and claim a reconciling with (name) – that we are both back in each other’s favor if it is within your and their will. I pray that we are able to communicate openly, joyfully and peacefully. See to it Father that our negative feelings and emotions that have caused and might still be causing a division between us are bound up and cast away in your name. I also claim that in your name, any tension and unresolved resentment between [name] and me as well as anything that may have caused these things are also bound and cast in your name. I thank you for helping so that there is nothing keeping us apart and that we are able to come together like a magnet- enjoying each other’s presence effortlessly. I also thank you for reforming us and our connection/closeness so that it can become more pure and deeper than ever before.
I now proclaim you as the root source of our relationship so that it could last in a way that neither of us have to be afraid of the other’s actions.
I praise you Lord for showing me the way and renewing my mind and body through your wonderful word. I declare that I am the living proof of your glory. I thank you for being with me in my joys and sorrows. Thank you for your comfort, your companionship, and your unending love. I declare that I now live this and every day from now on, consciously aware of all the blessings you have given to me and all that ever will be provided.

Stronger Relationship Bond

Father God,

You have said that where two or more are gather, there You will be – and that anything we agree upon, You will surely do.
I am taking this time right now, to lift up my relationship with [name loved one] . I am now opening myself for healing, trust and restoration.
Father, You are love and You are inside us. Together, we now break the power of any feelings of doubt, mistrust, fear or any other negative emotions known or unknown to us that could be causing a strain on my relationship in the name of Yeshua of Nazareth.
Help us to live in harmony and in one accord with each other and other people.
I speak strength over my relationship now
I open myself to embrace you LORD, pray that [name of loved one] and I are of the same mind and united in spirit.
Lord, I ask that we are able to recognize Your peace which You have given to us.
May that peace which surpasses understanding guard our hearts and minds.
Help us to build our relationships in a way that benefits everyone in our lives.
See to it Father that we are never envious and never boil over with jealousy and that we are able to maintain our love without fear of failure.
Help us speak the truth in love, dealing and living truly in our relationship.
Let us esteem and delight in one another – forgiving one another readily and freely as you always forgive us.
Lord, we thank You in advance that they we will be constantly renewed in the spirit of our minds – having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude.
I declare that they we are strengthened right now in the name of Yeshua of Nazareth to carry ourselves properly and honorably in our relationship..