Prayers for Divine Inspiration and Revelation

Divine inspiration & blessings

Father in heaven, I humbly come to you & praise your name. You’re always keeping me safe, blessed, and well provided for. I thank you for the holy spirit’s presence being with me always, that I may act under the influence of your holy inspiration. Thank you Lord for leading me towards and helping me reach the wonderful, peaceful and hopeful plan you have for me. I thank you for the blessings you have given to me in my handiwork. Thank you father for enlightening my understanding that I may know your will. I thank you for revealing to me my own divinity and your glory. I come to you Father, in communion with the holy spirit to bless (name what i want to bless). I forgive and bless anybody that has offended me in the past as well as myself from any trespasses or missed opportunities, and embrace all the love and glory you shine upon me. I put my trust in you Father, and accept the gifts you provide to me each day. I praise you again and again. I know all is well. I glorify you in Jesus name.

Secrets of God

Heavenly Father,

Through your marvelous loving kindness, I thank you for imparting your divine Ideas into me. I have put my trust in you Lord. Shield me in Your presence, for only there is there complete safety and satisfaction. The stillness of my soul-mind stretches out for your wisdom, Father. And I, the spirit, expand to embrace and remember you deeply for who you are.
I thank you for granting me the Holy Spirit who is like a wind and breath inside me. I walk in Your light. Thank you Lord for showing me the right path for my life and revealing the secrets of your ways to me. Through the Holy Spirit, reveal to me Father, in a way that is easy for me to comprehend, the plans you have for me and the righteous path you would have me take. I thank you for any other blessings you want to impart to me overflowingly as well.
Let me know all things that I’m ready to have revealed to me. I receive the Revelation of the Holy Spirit and pray that your profound wisdom shall be given unto me by Grace. As I seek your ways and paths to follow you Lord, let me understand your good and perfect will. Bring my mind into alignment with Your Holy thoughts.
You have directed my heart that I may set my steps straight forward upon the right paths while walking in your presence.
Inspire me by your Glory and Grace Father. As I adore your power upon me, let my soul speak silently within through your Inspiration and Secrets by the Holy Spirit, In Jesus Mighty and Glorious Name,