Prayers to Call Upon the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit

Dear father in heaven, hallowed be thy name. I now declare that I am in the partnership and guidance of you, the son, and the holy spirit in my life. I am walking in a way where I easily recognize his promptings every day. In your name and with the loving, joyful presence of the comforter, I thank you for having given me all the gifts of the spirit. I am able to instantly heal myself and others in various ways, the way Christ and his most faithful disciples demonstrated. There is nothing that cannot be healed or done in your name. I thank you for your divine presence in my life – and in the lives of those I touch.

Gift of the Spirit 2 – 1 Corinthians 12:8–10

Father in heaven, I thank you for the gifts of the spirit that you have already provided to me. I declare that I now use these wonderful gifts in your name and with complete faith. Lord thank you for the gifts of wisdom, prophesy, healing, speaking and understanding tongues, the ability to have the holy spirit at all times, the gifts of distinguishing between spirits and the gift of casting away demons and dark entities.

Oh lord, our eternal father, I now open myself fully to the presence of our loving companion the holy spirit. That I may become accustomed to embracing his presence throughout the day everyday. Right now, I decree and declare that this holy comforting presence is filling me and amplifying my thoughts. I open myself up for him to appear through me in all of my senses. Whenever I speak and think, the glory of God comforts those around ,me through me. Amen

The holy spirit’s presence

My lord, I thank you for your presence in my life and for my constant loving companion the holy spirit. I thank you lord for always providing all our earthy needs so wonderfully, effortlessly, and joyfully.

I know you are able to make all grace abound towards me, that I will always have all sufficiency, in all things. By grace I am saved through faith
I open myself to the holy spirit being here with me and touching everyone I think about or come across. Through the holy spirit, I am discerning. I am glorious, I easily forgive. I am love. The holy spirit is god’s power right inside me. Amen

Hope: Romans 15:13 excerpt

Dear father in heaven, you are the God of hope. I thank you for filling me with so much joy and peace as I place my trust in you. Because of you, I overflow with hope, joy, abundance, healing and satisfaction by the power of the holy spirit.

Sharing joy

My Lord, I am so very thankful for my wonderful friend, counselor, and companion the holy spirit and the joy he brings into my life. I now share that joy with everyone I come across – That they may witness from my example, of what having you in my life can bring them. I praise your name oh glorious father and declare that whosoever would enter my home or communicate with me will experience your holy presence. In Jesus name, I pray – Amen