Prayers for Guidance

Guidance 1

O Lord,
you promised that when I seek You with all our heart, I will find You.
I now open myself up to You and release all the anxieties, confusion, and fears I feel inside into your compassionate care.
Still my troubled heart Lord
Calm my wayward mind, and allow me to clearly hear your voice
Open my eyes that i may see where you would lead me.
Awaken my ears that I would hear your voice guiding me.
Inspire my mind that I may comprehend your love for me.
Soften my heart that I would offer grace to those I meet.
Watch my feet that I would tread upon your kingdom paths.
Inspire my words that I may speak of hope and healing.
O Lord, I follow you.

Guidance 2 (St Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274))

O creator past all telling,
you have appointed from the treasures of your wisdom
the hierarchies of angels,
disposing them in wondrous order
above the bright heavens,
and have so beautifully set out all parts of the universe.

You we call the true fount of wisdom
and the noble origin of all things.
Be pleased to shed
on the darkness of mind in which I was born,
The twofold beam of your light
and warmth to dispel my ignorance and sin.

You make eloquent the tongues of children.
Then instruct my speech
and touch my lips with graciousness.
Make me keen to understand, quick to learn,
able to remember;
make me delicate to interpret and ready to speak.

Guide my going in and going forward,
lead home my going forth.
You are true God and live for ever and ever.

Guidance 3

Father God,
We are taking the time right now to thank you for the people You have divinely placed into our lives to help us through the power of the holy ghost.
We appreciate how you continuously provide to us the ability to discern that we may know when You are using someone to speak holy instruction to us as well as to being able to easily recognize when you instruct us directly through our heart and knowingness.
We now open ourselves up father to be filled with your peace knowing that you are taking care of us and putting all that we need divinely into play. We will continue to keep our thoughts and minds on you this day because we know that with you at our right hand, we can only prevail in your purpose for us. We thank you Lord for granting that his plans succeed and that all the uplifting desires of his heart are amply filled. In this I proclaim for him in Jesus Name – Amen

Guidance 4: Jeremiah 29: 11-13

Our glorious Father in heaven, we come together to praise you and your presence in our lives.
Lord, you have told me “I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I thank you for allowing me to call upon you. I know I always find you when I seek you with my heart. That is what I do now.

Thank you for providing me guidance and revelation about your will for me. I also accept your assistance in helping me to remember to go to you first whenever I’m in any trouble. I now understand that there is no need to feel ashamed, afraid or undeserving when going to you for help, and that the times I feel that the most, are the times I need you the most.
Bless you Father for being with me, protecting me, and providing me with all my needs. You are the one who fulfills my desires that are within your will while supporting me with your grace. Help me to always be mindful of your presence and love. Surround me with your loving care and keep me in safety throughout my entire journey. Amen