Are you using food to self medicate anxiety or sadness?
Do you feel like your life can’t begin until you have your eating habits under control?  
For a binge eater, these are traits that are dealt with in many cases on a daily basis

What others don’t understand

Many probably don’t understand just how much you have been and continue to be afflicted by your eating disorder. To others, all you have to do is ‘just eat healthier’, ‘just eat in moderation’, ‘just exercise’, or ‘just stop eating the foods that give you trouble for good!’.

Advice like this might make it seem like nobody understands what you’re going through.

These sort of phrases from well meaning friends and family might even have assisted in you picking up a belief that there is something wrong with you. What people who suggest these sort of remarks don’t grasp is that you’ve likely already tried all the methods that they are suggesting without long term success.

The truth is, in times of stress, it is very challenging to have the motivation to make major changes towards already established routines – and as a binge eater, your de-stressor oftentimes brings you more stress! It might just feel like an endless cycle at times doesn’t it?

What you have is a VERY real addiction.

Those who don’t suffer from binge eating don’t understand that you’re living with an addiction from a substance that is all around you. Food does so much more for you than simply satisfying hunger. It is something that you’ve been able to use for difficult times. They don’t grasp that eating so often brings you guilt and frustration, yet it so hard to just up and suddenly try to find comfort in something else when food has been such a reliable source to you for temporary relief.

For a binge eater, it can be so devastating and downright scary to think or be told that the only way to be ‘right’ with yourself would be to permanently abstain from the stuff you love the most. Let’s not mention how health and weight issues are constantly being put in your face as a scare tactic to try and set you ‘straight’.

It doesn’t have to be so hard 

What if you could feel confident in that you don’t have to hide your eating habits anymore? What if you can feel the satisfaction of being in control of your eating without having to permanently abstain? What if you can sincerely begin to find as much comfort, joy, and excitement in other things in a way that only food has been able to do?