About Dalia

Migdalia (Dalia) Burgoin is the creator of the Anointed Abbey : Monastic Program for Binge Eating Recovery. She is a Spiritual Counselor, Holy Spirit led Energy Healer, Specialist of Healing through Christian Benedictine Monastic Tradition, and Advanced Chi Energy Instructor in a unique method of Bio-Energy Healing.

Professional Studies

  • Bachelor’s in Linguistics and Minor in Theology from Brigham Young University
  • Completed Berkeley University’s ‘Science of Happiness & Positive psychology’ courses
  • Certified as an Advanced Instructor in the School of Chi Energy.
  • Has personally studied nutrition from nutritionist Dr. Derek Muse. 


As a child, Dalia was very close to God and could hear him verbally. At age 6, she began taking the bus by herself to enjoy holy places of worship. These are places where she could pray, meditate, and receive revelation in solitude. It was through God that she was able to cope with childhood traumas and an abusive family life. Yet as she neared her college years, she began focusing more on secular success and less on her spiritual side. Even though she was able to achieve some fulfillment as a model and ESL teacher in her 20s, she began masking the effects her childhood traumas had on her through binge eating and overly excessive exercise.

How the Abbey Came to Be

Eventually, Dalia found her way back to her spiritual roots. It was then that she began focusing on her lifelong dream of spiritual healing by training at the School of Chi Energy. The more advanced she became at her practice, the closer her relationship with God deepened. Her ability to prophesy, heal, discern, and receive revelation through the holy spirit greatly improved as well.

She was able to overcome her binge eating disorder through carefully laid out steps which were divinely provided to her. It is later that she developed those specific steps into a treatment program. Over time she received revelation to specialize in the ‘Benedictine Way’, a Monastic Tradition based on the values of Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ). She now uses this inspired knowledge to help other food addicts get control of their eating by joining her in a rewarding life of deepening relationships with God, spiritual gifts, miracles, praise, reverence, and exaltation.  

Her Healing Journey

Throughout her spiritual journey, Dalia has traveled across the world to visit, study, and pray in as many monasteries as possible. She has seen and participated in a number of holy miracles as well as adopted a Monastic lifestyle within her own home. She has been featured in Huffington Post, Business Innovator’s MagazineThrive Global, Modern Living With Dr. Angela, and the Daily Spark Talk Radio Station. After seeing the incredible changes that her Program has provided to so many binge eaters as well as herself, Dalia firmly believes that anybody could get control of addiction by taking on the principals of a St Benedictine Monastery.