The Anointed Abbey Will Help You to. . .

Easily transition into food moderation and control in a joyful and spiritually satisfying way where you can still enjoy the food you’ve always loved while learning to truly appreciate and relish in other activities. 

Embrace your divine nature as a spirit being with abundance and authenticity, so that you don’t have to feel so much guilt, lack, or the need to hide your behaviors from others

Reach a point where eating is almost always an enjoyable activity and not something that brings you shame anymore

Receive personal revelation and guidance from the divine so that you no longer have to deal with trying times alone

Sincerely be released of many effects from past trauma so that you can continue in your life with more peace and satisfaction

Benefits of the Anointed Abbey, Monastic Program for Binge Eating Recovery

Learn an approach towards food control that will still allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without having to worry about calories

Participate in your very home to experience a place of comfort and convenience on a  flexible schedule.

Receive 1 on 1 spiritual oversight and healing methods for individualized support

Develop your spiritual nature by participating in vows, prayer, fasting, meditation, self image support, and wellness activities to ensure you have the tools you need to develop more moderate and healthy lifestyle patterns.